East Benton County Historical Society

1910 Benton County Census

The EBCHS museum had a wonderful volunteer, Wes DuBois, who entered the entire 1910 Federal Census for Benton County, Washington. Mr. DuBois finished the 1910 census in 1993 and started on the 1920 census. Wes died in 1994 but the census is here for everyone to use.
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Photocopying costs were paid for by Ann Walker.

Carley Precinct
Columbia Precinct
East Prosser Precinct
Expansion Precinct
Finley Precinct
Glade Precinct
Hanford Precinct
Horse Heaven Precinct
Hover Precinct
Kennewick Precinct
Kiona Precinct
North Prosser Precinct
Paterson Precinct
Prosser Precinct
Rattlesnake Precinct
Richland Precinct
West Prosser Precinct
White Bluffs Precinct


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