Welcome to the Courier-Online


The East Benton County Historical Society first launched the Courier in 1979. The newsletter was to apprise the growing society's membership of both its mission to record and preserve the history of the area and its goal of fundraising to build and operate a dedicated history museum to the pioneering past of east Benton County.

In the last 35+ years, the Society has used the Courier to share research from its membership and community to highlight the people, events, and histories of our community. It is in this spirit that we relaunch the Courier as a bi-annual history magazine with a year-round, companion blog. The Courier will continue to showcase and explore our local history... but it will also branch out to include the history of the surrounding regions of the Mid-Columbia within the Pacific Northwest and the American West. 

History didn't just happen just 100 or 70, or 50 years ago... history is made every day. History also doesn't happen in a vacuum and that is why with the relaunch of the Courier we will be encouraging a broader geographic range of topics.

Future posts will feature upcoming exhibits like "History of Skateboarding" and will showcase objects from our collection and profiles of the women and men who came to call east Benton County home.

The Courier will also solicit articles and research from regional historians (professional, student, and amateur alike). If you are interested in contributing to the Courier or if you would like to advertise in the print publication, please email ebchsmuseum@gmail.com for more information.

The printed Courier will relaunch in July of 2018 and will follow a summer and winter publication cycle.