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We embrace our community's ethnic and cultural diversity. Through our featured exhibits in the Community Gallery we offer opportunities to collaborate and mentor area groups and individuals where they can curate their own displays in a gallery setting.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Museum on an exhibit idea, please email ebchsmuseum@gmail.com


Coyote Canyon Mammoth Site Exhibit

Image of Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig Site. Photo from MCBONES Research Center Foundation Facebook page.

Image of Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig Site. Photo from MCBONES Research Center Foundation Facebook page.

ON DISPLAY November to March 2019!

What was Benton County like 10,000 years ago? What about 25,000 years ago? The Mid-Columbia Basin Old Natural Education Sciences (MCBONES) Reasearch Center Foundation is exlporing that question at their dig site at Coyote Canyon.

Join us this winter as we discover Columbian Mammoths, who roamed eastern Washington throughout the Pleistocene Epoch (the last Ice Age) and the Cataclysmic Ice Age floods (such as those released from Glacial Lake Missoula) that poured across Eastern Washington, sweeping many mammoths and other creatures to their deaths.

This exhibit features the work being done at the Coyote Canyon Mammoth Dig Site. In November 1999, mammoth bones were discovered in a quarry south of Kennewick, Washington. The site was left undisturbed until it was rediscovered in 2008. At that time, it was established that the mammoth bones were located in Ice Age Flood deposits. Upon rediscovery, excitement grew that this site might offer a unique opportunity for students, teachers, and researchers to investigate and study a well-preserved mammoth find in the context of Ice Age flood deposits. Formal excavation of the site began in September, 2010.

Ongoing excavation provides an opportunity for students, teachers, scientists, and community volunteers to collaborate among several scientific disciplines. They will share some of their discoveries with you this winter at the East Benton County History Museum!


Coming Soon 2019 & beyond

History of the Vine_ Pioneers of the Columbia Valley.jpg

History of the Vine: Pioneers of the Columbia Valley

Growing Grapes in Benton County, from juice to wine. Exhibit coming Late-Summer/Early-Fall.